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Tips for mosquito swatting

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1. When striking mosquito fly, press switch, wave mosquito bat, mosquito fly light touch namely kill.
Electric mosquito beat line
2. If the mosquito bat is shot on the net, please shake the net to make it fall off. Do not flush with water to prevent short circuit.
3. In humid climate, mosquito swatter may absorb moisture without high pressure or variable low pressure, killing effect decreases, so use hair dryer or sun drying in time, mosquito swatter effect will recover automatically.
4. The electric mosquito bat works at dc high voltage, which will produce certain intensity spark. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use and repair in places full of flammable gas, and avoid contacting high-voltage power grid with hand or conductive metal bar when electrifying, to prevent accidents. It is not a toy and should not be used by children.