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Telephone: (852) 90197602

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  • Tips for mosquito swatting

    1 When striking mosquito fly, press switch, wave mosquito bat, mosquito fly light touch namely kill Electric mosquito beat line

    2019-08-09 11:31:57

  • The main advantages of mosquito bat

    The electric mosquito swatter USES the first three times voltage rectifier and circuit, and the instantaneous output voltage is up to 2500V, so the mosquito fighting effect is very good

    2019-08-09 11:31:15

  • Will unmanned vending machines have a good future?

    The vending machine is the emerging industry of our country, is also the future market trends, from human traveler, profit ...

    2019-08-09 11:30:20

  • Are vending machines expensive? Does investing in vending machines make sense

    At present, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet and the arrival of the industry 4 0 era of China s economy, the vending machine industry presents great opportunities for entrepreneurship

    2019-08-09 11:29:55